Peaky Blinders, the tv series will become a movie

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“All you need is a haircut and a cap.” At the opening of the production studios Steven Knightcreator of Peaky Blindershe joked about finding extras for the film project taken from the British television series, which reached its sixth and final season on Netflix last June. The he resumed of the film about the gang of gypsies who became powerful lords of Birmingham will start “very soon” and the set will be staged right in the English city, where Knight made the official announcement: “We will shoot it in the Digbeth studio and on location in Digbeth in Birmingham”, that is, in the places where the Peaky Blinders actually roamed, “so it is as if Peaky was returning At home”. As stated by the creator, he is now also involved in other projects such as the end of the filming of the drama for the BBC This Town and writing new Star Wars, there plot of the film is “under embargo”. Dictated by the rise and fall of the Shelby family the television series Peaky Blinderswith the music brand Red Right Hand by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, for almost a decade he recounted the gangs that inhabited the United Kingdom after the First World War and, in a new key, the devastating consequences of the conflict on people’s mental health (the character of Arthur Shelby, played from Paul Andersonis its symbol). As emerged from the words of Knight a Radio Times, it seems that the film will continue with “an untold story, which happened during the Second World War, in which the Peaky Blinders will be involved”. The Irish actor should then appear in the film being prepared Cillian Murphywho after receiving a Bafta nomination for the sixth season of the series is now busy with the next project 28 Months Later Of Danny Boyle and from July 21 will be the protagonist of Oppenheimer directed by the director Christopher Nolan.


Although the series takes place in the city of Birmingham in the Midlands, where the real-life, blade-in-the-cap gangster gang operated from the 1890s to the early 1900s, most of the scenes they weren’t actually filmed in the English city, but in the county of Yorkshire, in Liverpool, Leeds and Bradford. After its success, the epic gangster drama has inspired The Peaky Blinders in The King’s Ransomthe first video game virtual reality game in which players take on notorious crime boss Tommy Shelby (voiced by Murphy) and fiery brother Arthur (voiced by Paul Anderson) in the hunt for Churchill’s Red Box.