Pediatotem, children’s health just a click away

It is increasingly difficult to take care of health. The pandemic has generated an emergency on this front and at the same time has removed families from the constant relationship with the doctor. Covid-19 has posed obstacles, but it has also offered an opportunity to revolutionize the way people approach treatment. New tools are born, which promise to improve the doctor / patient connection thanks to the possibilities offered by technology. Pediatotem took care of children, a telemedicine tool aimed at pediatricians and patients: an app that aims to connect universities, research institutes, pediatricians, patients, parents, specialists, developing a network capable of standardizing care processes .

Safe and constant monitoring

There are several operations that can be performed through this app with a few clicks, directly on the mobile phone: Pediatotem allows parents and pediatricians to communicate quickly and constantly, without difficulties and impediments related to distance. Furthermore, it is possible to book appointments and video-visits, request medical prescriptions and receive them on your smartphone, save and share reports and diagnoses or record the parameters of your child’s growth, monitoring neuro-motor development. There is also the “vaccines” function, with which pediatricians can raise public awareness on the issue and manage vaccinations in their clinics, including that against Covid-19 as regards the age group between 12 and 15 years.

An increasingly popular tool

Telemedicine applied to pediatrics is increasingly used. That of Pediatotem is a solution chosen by one in four pediatricians in Italy, with more than one and a half million patients connected. “After all, it is a bit like having an online diary – says Teresa Mazzone, family pediatrician – to which patients can access directly via PC or app. This allows families to make an appointment or book some vaccinations without answering filters and long waiting times on the phone. All with a simple click “.