Pelé, from O Globo to the New York Times: “O Rei is dead”

All the newspapers of the world remember the football legend

All the newspapers of the world remember O Rei Pelé who died at the age of 82. “Brazil mourns the passing of Pelé. O Rei passed away in the evening at the age of 82”, opens the online edition of O Globo. The New York Times headline: “Pele, the global face of football, dies at 82”. While the Washington Post writes: “Pele, the ‘king of soccer’, dies at 82”. The English newspapers are no less. The Sun headline: “The King is dead”. The Mirror: “Pelé, legend of Brazilian football, has died at 82 after a battle with cancer.” The Times: “Pele, the world’s first soccer superstar, has died aged 82.”

Even the French L’Equipe remembers Pelé: “The end of a world”. While Le Parisien writes: “Pele died: the world pays homage to the ‘King’ of football”. Among the main Spanish sports publications, Marca writes: “Pele is dead. ‘O Rei’ of football”. For As: “Pele, the King of football, is dead”. Mundo Deportivo instead writes: “Pele, legend of world football, has died”. While El Pais headlines: “Pele, football’s ‘O Rei’ at 82 has died”. In Portugal O Jogo headlines: “Pele is dead. He was 82 years old”.