Pencil test: are you touchy? Find out with one simple choice

Choose a pencil and find out how touchy you are with this simple test

Our choices they are never random. They are given by ours pastfrom ours taste and everything our parents have taught us mistakes.

The head of the pencil – just gossip

Today we offer you the pencil test to find out how much you are prickly. Don’t worry, we all more or less take it badly when someone points out our flaw, but there are those who stay longer than stucco and who less.
But what are you waiting for: let’s evaluate all the possibilities

Test: choose a pencil and find out how touchy you are

In this pencil test we put you in front of six possibility. Choose way instinctive and read the answer corresponding to the chosen number.
Find out if you really are prickly or your friends exaggerate.
Let’s get to know each other

Personality Pencil Test
Choose a pencil and find out who you are (

1) One

Let’s say that the criticisms do not slip on you. You you offend easily when an argument doesn’t go your way. If someone tries to get over you, take it easy personal and you end up saying what you don’t think.
However, you are also capable of to listen and question yourself. Just do it with the correct tones.

2) Two

You are a lot calm, accept the criticisms and compliments. You have an open mind and know how to take advice. Of course ponder well first if you have to change yourself or the person who is telling you.
Come on I listen if they only lead to your best.

3) Three

You are used to come to meet. You have no problem saying yes to a compromise. You are a bit fumino, but you are also accommodating.
If they don’t talk behind your back, but come directly to tell you what theirs is problem you are willing to listen.
Let’s say you need somewhere in between: someone who loves you can tell you what they think, others can’t.

4) Four

You are very touchy. For you it’s either black or white, there are no shades. Six stubborn and it is very difficult to change your mind.
You don’t like putting yourself in other people’s shoes and if someone goes against your views, you get very offended.
Do not to get angry but now…

5) Five

Let’s say you are Pacific. You are open to criticism, the important thing is that yours are not touched weaknesses.
Some of your ideas will never change and you don’t even want to question them. For other talks, you are open to dialogue.

6) You are

you are a little moody and therefore you can be touchy or not. Your mood changes suddenly and you are fickle.
Sometimes you accept criticism and are very calm, while sometimes you explode and get very angry. You do not want explanations if they blame you