Penny Italia, numbers and commitment to sustainability

The numbers and values ​​of the brand were presented today at the annual press conference

Penny Italyreality ofthe Rewe Group which today has over 384 thousand employees, in 21 countries, for over 84.8 billion in annual turnover, closes 2022 with a growth of 9.3% compared to the previous year and with a turnover close to 1.5 billion; investments amounted to over 75 million euro. Again: 19 new organic openings, 52 points of sale affected by modernization and innovation activities, with important energy efficiency measures and the inclusion of sectors served. The numbers and values ​​of the brand were presented today at the annual press conference.

Another important investment of around 32 million euros allowed the opening of the new warehouse in Buti (PI), serving the sales outlets in the centre-north. And again: 4500 collaborators last year, of which 72% women; the company has hired over 1000 people; There were 200 professional developments and 260 internships transformed into contracts, with a redeem rate of over 50% overall for hires and confirmations; in terms of trainingPenny Academy provided over 25,000 hours of training.

Throughout 2022, Penny absorbed 3% of the inflation index, not passed on to customers: it is the result of the ability to create a system with suppliers, within an ‘open’ vision of the company that makes efficiency of processes and innovation its fundamental drivers.

For 2023, the expected growth is 8.7%; 23 new points of sale expected, net of ‘merge&acquisition’ transactions. The group confirms its confidence in unified Italy by maintaining an investment trend of almost 150 million over the next 24 months. There will be 80 points of sale that will be modernized and to which departments served will be added. People, sustainability, digitization and innovation are and will be the focus of Penny Italia for the medium and long term. Today Penny Italia has 423 points of sale in 18 Italian regions; 80 butchers, 97 delicatessens, 420 bake-offs. Penny collaborators to date are 4602 with more than 60% of women.

Also during the press conference, the first Sustainability Report of Penny Italia was presented, with reporting to 2021 and a vision for 2022; the financial statements were drawn up with the methodological support of PwC Italia professionals. Penny Italia, as a successful reality of the Rewe Group, shares and consciously pursues its founding values, including being ‘responsible’ towards people, the environment and business. Precisely with this approach, it has built its strategy with respect to sustainability issues with a commitment that takes the name of ‘We live sustainably’, i.e. the company’s way of living and understanding business every day.

An approach that envisages: ‘innovating’ the business so that the products too are vehicles of a sustainable approach, throughout the supply chain, making it more efficient and supporting virtuous processes that respect the planet and bring the territory and customers closer together; ‘support’ people and communities with projects that lead to long-lasting and ethical relationships with valuable partners such as the Italian Red Cross or the Progetto Arca Foundation; ‘respect’ the environment by investing to reduce the impact of the business both in terms of energy saving and the safeguarding and protection of the territory, without ever neglecting the fight against the waste of food and energy resources, also thanks to partnerships such as those with Banco Alimentare , Coripet and Too Good To Go.