Pensions, Berlusconi: “1000 euros for mothers too”

“Minims at 1000 euros for everyone, the elderly and the disabled, including our mothers”

Minimum pensions of 1000 euros also for mothers. It is the “commitment” that Silvio Berlusconi reiterates to the microphones of Stasera Italia on Rete 4. “If the art of government consists in doing the best possible in the given circumstances, this time I would say that we have done it beyond any doubt “, says the leader of Forza Italia on the first hundred days of the government.

“In a few weeks, and with a government team that hasn’t yet been tested, we have passed a financial law that anticipates some of the strategic reforms that are in Forza Italia’s programme: a first increase in minimum pensions, up to 600 euros, some steps on the road of the decontribution of the first employment contracts of young people, tax measures that extend the flat tax”.

“And yet – he recalls – most of the resources were blocked by the absolute need to meet high bills and the price of energy. In these conditions, nothing else could have been done. Of course, it is only the beginning, the commitments made electoral campaign in the five years all remain valid. We will carry them out within the time frame of the legislature. The controversies of these days concerning justice, reinforce our conviction that it is necessary to rapidly approve a reform of the judicial system, implementing the commitments made by the Minister of justice Carlo Nordio, commitments that we totally share”.

“Our legislature commitment is to bring minimum pensions to 1,000 euros for everyone, the elderly and the disabled, including our mothers, who have never been able to carry out paid work by sacrificing themselves for the whole of their lives. The other commitment is that of offering a concrete hope of work to our young people, to our boys, because there are too many who do not study and do not work today. Our project, on the other hand, envisages achieving complete tax exemption and decontribution for first-time employment contracts. This means reduce the actual cost of labor sustained by a company by less than half”, concludes the leader of Forza Italia.