Pensions, double repartee government-unions

Today at the table convened by Minister Calderone, who sets weekly meetings

Double question and answer between the government and the unions, according to what we learn, today at the table on pensions convened by the Minister of Labour, Marina Calderone. The first among the Uil leader, Pierpaolo Bombardieri and the minister himself. “We ask for precise answers on our platform,” Bombardieri pressed. He freezes Calderone’s answer: “I point out that you have never officially sent your unitary proposals unlike others, sitting at the table today”, he explained.

Then it was the turn of the CGIL leader, Maurizio Landini which addressed to the undersecretary Claudius Durigon he solicited a certain indication of the resources that the government intends to allocate to the pension reform and underlined how “the basis for discussion must be our platform. “I believe that before understanding how many resources we should understand which interventions to implement. We are here to understand it together and to share a method”, replied Durigon.

“After the meeting on 8 February, the meetings will be held on a weekly basis”. Minister Calderone then sets, according to what we learn, the timing of the next technical discussion tables on the pension reform.