Pensions France, new protests: postponed visit of King Charles III

The decision was made after a phone call between the French president and the monarch following the announcement of a new mobilization of the trade unions. Downing Street: “Request from Macron”

The visit to France has been postponed King Charles III, scheduled from 26 to 29 March. This was announced by the Elysée, explaining that the decision was taken following the announcement by the unions of a new day of national demonstration on March 28 against the pension reform wanted by French President Emmanuel Macron. The decision to postpone King Charles’ visit ”was taken by the French and British governments after a telephone conversation between the President of the Republic (Macron, ed.) and the King this morning”.

The postponement was therefore agreed ”in order to be able to welcome His Majesty King Charles III in the conditions that correspond to our relationship of friendship”, reads the note from the Elysée.

According to a note released by Downing Street, which cites the current “situation in France” as the reason for the postponement, it was French President Emmanuel Macron who asked King Charles to postpone the visit. Your Majesty awaits “impatiently” the opportunity to visit France as soon as it will be possible to identify “more appropriate” dates.

Downing Street added that the decision to postpone King Charles’s visit was “taken with the consent of all parties, after the French president asked the British government to postpone the visit”.