Pensions: government-trade unions, game across the board, tight deadlines for reform

Full-scale confrontation between government and trade unions on pension reform from now until February 7, date of the first political check-up which will provide an initial picture of the convergences or distances that will separate the parties: young people, women, flexibility in leaving and supplementary pensions will be at the center of some technical rounds that beginthey will already be on 20 January and will follow one another in a very short time.

This is the time schedule set up tonight during a meeting, all in all short, about 2 hours, between the Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando, the Minister of Economy, Daniele Franco and the leaders of CGIL, CISL and UIL. A kick-off for an expected reform that starts a shared table for the moment: the government appears willing to tighten the pace despite the simultaneous play of a delicate game for the future of the country, that of the Quirinale.

And the unions appreciate. It was the same Orlando minister to explain it in the course of the comparison. “This first meeting is the continuation of the work that we have set up with the method of social dialogue and that it must lead to reform interventions in a relatively short time“, he said declining the themes on the table.” The first theme relates to the question of flexibility linked to the contributory nature and financial balance of the system, which must take into account the different life expectations, the characteristics of work, care work and housekeeper of women, “he explained.

“The second is that of the system perspective: what happens to a large group of workers, not just young people, who, due to a series of factors, the discontinuity of working activity, the lack of wage growth, will reach retirement age with pensions that risk not being adequate. The third question is that relating to the functioning of the supplementary and complementary system “, concluded Orlando.

It is still early to talk about satisfaction but CGIL CISL and UIL still came out of the meeting with a positive opinion. “We have begun to enter into the merits of the issues and clarified that no one is thinking of changing the contribution system. We will now measure ourselves on social and economic compatibility”, commented the Uil leader, Pierpaolo Bombardieri. “Important” meeting also for Luigi Sbarra, Cisl leader for which the goal remains that of “changing and transforming the pension system, giving greater social sustainability, a lot of inclusiveness especially for young people and women, more flexibility and stability”. For this, he urges, “it is necessary to overcome the accounting rigidities of the Fornero Law and also get out of the logic of quotas that penalized the weak and precarious groups “.

Round “useful even if interlocutory” for the CGIL. “It is important that the government has confirmed its intention to deal with the goal of achieving a pension reform that gives stability to the system and changes the current system, as part of a process that confirms the arrival of a contribution system ”, comments the confederal secretary, Roberto Ghiselli.