Pensions, Landini: “From Quota 100 we will pass to Quota 0”

“Because with these rules no one will retire”

“From Quota 100 we will pass to Quota 0, because with these rules no one will retire”. This was stated by the secretary of the CGIL Maurizio Landini to Tg2 Post, recalling the union’s request to go beyond “the Fornero law, which is a wrong law”.

In the Budget Law we do not find answers “to” very concrete questions of merit, faced with a social malaise that instead needs an answer: we are asking for specific things, an intervention on the tax authorities, a real fight against tax evasion, the blocking of precariousness, we want a real tax reform and industrial policies that recreate work ” Landini continued, contesting “a policy that it thinks it can do on its own”. “There is a problem of merit and method“he says again.

That of proclaiming one general strike “is a decision that was not taken lightly, but with which we wanted to say that we do not all get along and that things are not going well “, continued the secretary of the CGIL, observing that” we need to build a social model based on justice: even entrepreneurs must accept a different involvement ” of workers. “Let’s go to the streets to support the unitary platform presented to the government,” he explained, adding: “If they call us, we are available” to discuss a possible cancellation of the general strike, “but we are already on Monday and I don’t think the conditions are right., also because we are not satisfied with a few slight changes “.