Pensions, trade union-Draghi meeting: “Willingness to discuss Fornero law reform”

White smoke at the confrontation table that was held today in Palazzo Chigi between the CGIL, CISL and UIL and the government. The participants said they were satisfied with the premises. The work will start after Christmas, tomorrow the agenda will be announced with the availability of the participating ministers. There are three themes on which the course will focus: flexibility on leaving, supplementary pensions and youth precariousness

The meeting between Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the general secretaries of CGIL, CISL and UIL, Maurizio Landini, Luigi Sbarra and Pierpaolo Bombardieri, on pensions ended in the afternoon. The face to face, at Palazzo Chigi, lasted just over an hour. The premier confirmed to the trade unions the commitment to start discussions with technical tables for the reform of the Fornero law. We will leave after Christmas and tomorrow the calendar will arrive from the government. For the executive, the ministers of the Economy Daniele Franco, that of Labor Andrea Orlando and that of the Public Administration Renato Brunetta also took part in the discussion, as well as the undersecretary to the presidency of the Council Roberto Garofoli.

Draghi: don’t put sustainability at risk

Building a method of consultation on several areas: this was the first point at the center of the meeting. Government sources report it. There are three themes on which this path will focus, it is explained: flexibility in leaving, supplementary pensions and youth precariousness. “We will immediately start an operational program”, explained the Prime Minister. Ministers Franco, Brunetta and Orlando will take care of political coordination, Undersecretary Garofoli and the head of the Dipe Leonardi for the technical part. Any changes can be worked on as long as the sustainability of pensions is not jeopardized in the medium and long term and within the European context, Draghi said, according to government sources.

Landini: “We are interested in a reform that corrects errors”

The general secretary of the CGIL appeared rather satisfied: “Today we are faced with an official declaration on the government’s readiness to discuss the reform of the Fornero law. What has never happened before in these 10 years “. Landini hopes for a” true confrontation, and not as it has happened on the tax side. ” errors, limits, inequalities. of the Fornero reform “, remarks Landini. Furthermore” we affirmed that the contribution system must be a system that also contains elements of solidarity: hence the question of the guarantee pension for young people and all those who have discontinuous activities “which intersects with “the theme of overcoming precariousness and having a stable, not precarious job, and with decent wages”. On the merits, Landini points out some of the points at the basis of the proposals of the unions and the unitary platform: flexibility in leaving “. which means being able to leave for 62 years or with 41 years of contributions without age restrictions, that it is necessary to review life expectancy according to the job, to recognize the work of care and of women. On all of these issues, the government has undertaken to let us have a calendar tomorrow morning to start the discussion from the beginning of next year. For us, times are as fast as possible “. And he also” raised the issue of health and safety in the workplace, even after the terrible accident in Turin. it must absolutely be changed. We have obtained in the public that when you procure something you have to apply the same protections, in the whole private sector this same rule does not exist “.

The satisfaction of Uil

Bombardieri also share the same opinion, calling today’s table “an important appointment. It was decided to finally open the construction site to discuss the reform of the Fornero law. With three comparisons: on outgoing flexibility, on pensions for young people and women and on supplementary pensions. We agreed on the method “.

The CISL: negotiate a structural reform

The CISL also appears encouraged by the words of Prime Minister Draghi: “It was an important meeting. The government accepted our approach to start a discussion phase to negotiate a comprehensive, structural reform of pensions. Tomorrow they will send us a calendar of meetings. . We reaffirmed the principle that pensions cannot be just an economic cost but a social sustainability issue. The judgment is positive: we are finally opening the yard for the Fornero reform, with a view to making our system more flexible, fairer, more sustainable “said Secretary General Sbarra.

Who will sit at the confrontation table

At the table between the government and the trade unions on the pension reform for the executive, Sbarra then specified “there will be the undersecretary to the presidency of the Council Roberto Garofoli, the economic adviser Marco Leonardi and the competent ministers, Orlando, Franco, Brunetta. Draghi will not be there. “.

Orlando: “Constructive confrontation”

“We had a constructive discussion with the trade unions on the pension reform. It is the beginning of a path through dialogue that continues, as I have always hoped for, and which can help to make progress for the rights of workers”, Labor Minister Andrea Orlando also commented on Twitter after the meeting at Palazzo Chigi.