Pensions, “working hypothesis is quota 41 with age 62-63 years”

The Minister of Labor Marina Calderone: “But there could be a reasoning about 61 years, but only for a year waiting for a structural reform”

On the subject of pensions, “at this moment we have to work on the existing hypotheses. Option woman and the social bee are for the Government to be reconfirmed and then quota 41 cannot be just a sharp 41 therefore and only 41 years of contributions, but instead it can be a starting point for a reasoning that however also contemplates a connection to an exit gate which is age “:” realistically “age” can be around 62-63 years as a working hypothesis but there could be a reasoning on 61 “and” that only for one year awaiting a structural reform that will also affect supplementary pensions “. To affirm it is the Minister of Labor, Marina Calderone speaking at Porta a Porta broadcast tonight on Rai 1.

For the minister, a system reform on pensions is needed: “I believe that if we want to look at the issue and not only exclusively in terms of leaving the world of work but what and what pension spending will be in the future and what our children’s pensions will be and of the grandchildren this theme. Themes that we must ask ourselves “, adds Calderone.