Peppa Pig, the first lesbian couple among the characters: it is controversial

There was Peppa Pig and her little brother George. There were grandfather Dog and grandfather Rabbit, Susy Pecora, Emily Elefante and Pedro Pony. Since yesterday there is also Penny Polar Bear who, in describing her family, says: “I live with my mother and my other mother. One mother is a doctor, the other cooks spaghetti. spaghetti”. The episode of the television program entitled “Families” aired on Channel 5 in Great Britain and marked an important step change in the sign of inclusion.

The petition

Homosexual couples, therefore, land in one of the most popular TV programs for preschool children around the world, created by British animators Mark Baker and Neville Astley and on air since May 2004. It is the first time in 18 years of history. that a same-sex couple is being presented and this comes two years after the petition launched on a US website, calling for a “same-sex parenting family in Peppa Pig”. The petition had collected nearly 24,000 signatures. In 2015, the former Minister of Health and former British Liberal Democrat, Norman Lamb, had also asked for more courage in television choices and specifically that Peppa Pig present more gay characters: “We must be faithful to the law we passed. The legislation says very clearly that a love relationship between two people of the same sex is of equal value, so in everything we do as a company, we must reinforce this message ”.

The comments on social networks

Not everyone appreciated the authors’ initiative and the debate was heated on Twitter. “Lesbians in Peppa Pig … can’t kids’ programs just be for kids?” Reads a tweet accusing the show of “playing good and bad times.” While another viewer wrote: “My children saw the first homosexual couple on Peppa Pig and the world is not over”. And again: “Stop confusing our children, they are just children” writes a user. Others answer: “Children are a head ahead of adults”.