Perfect jaw? It’s Gigi Hadid’s according to science

The perfect female jaw profile exists and measures 142 degrees. The model Gigi Hadid is close to perfection with a jaw angle of 141.9 degrees. It is the result of new research from the University of Brussels, published in the Journal of Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery. A total of 46 raters were enrolled in the study: 38 males and 8 females.

I study

Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss, Monica Bellucci: these are some of the 53 actresses, models but also ordinary people, shown in photographs to those who participated in the study. To evaluate its attractiveness, an online survey structured into 6 questions and a 3-item Likert scale was used, i.e. a measurement method used in research to evaluate attitudes, opinions and perceptions. When at least 80% of participants rated the image as having attractive aesthetic characteristics, it was considered attractive.

The angle is measured at the point where the vertical part of the jaw, descending directly from the ear, changes angle to become a gentler slope towards the chin. A larger angle tends to be seen as smoother and feminine, while a smaller one is more masculine, as is the case with actor Brad Pitt’s square jaw. Another feature that makes the jaw perfect according to research is an angle of 125.5° in the profile view, positioned vertically at the level of the midpoint of the labial fissure or upper lip.