Perform Water 2030 wins the Lombardia Innovativa award

Developed by Gruppo Cap

‘Designing the future of water management: Perform Water 2030’ awarded by the ‘Lombardia Innovativa’ initiative, the recognition that the Lombardy Region dedicates to supply chains of excellence that adopt innovative models, capable of generating value and increasing the competitiveness of the territory. It is a real model based on technological innovation and industrial processes dedicated to the Integrated Water Service to guide it towards the environmental, technological and digital transition, applying the principles of the circular economy in an efficient and virtuous way.

Developed by Gruppo Cap, the green utility that manages the integrated water service of the metropolitan city of Milan as part of the Regional Operational Program and the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020, and the Innovation Call ‘Agreements for research and ‘Innovation’ of the Lombardy Region, Perform Water 2030 is one of the six Innovative Models led by entrepreneurial excellence in Lombardy that have distinguished themselves for their competitiveness in the reference supply chain, collaboration between the business world and the research system, international reach, ability to generate new ideas in response to the needs of people and society. The prize was awarded today, 15 December 2022, in the Sala Biagi of Palazzo Lombardia, during the ‘Lombardia Innovativa. Where the future is ahead’, in the presence of the vice president of the Lombardy Region Fabrizio Sala and the president of the Bassetti Foundation Piero Bassetti.

“We have rewarded companies that have been able to establish structured and ongoing partnerships with Lombard universities, or companies that have made open innovation and have been able to enter into relationships with research or business networks, even at an international level – observes Fabrizio Sala – For us, this is the right way to transfer technology and therefore increase the competitiveness of our territory”.

“This recognition by the Lombardy Region pushes us to continue with even greater conviction on the path taken towards technological innovation, investing in research, activating collaborations, contaminations and synergies with the excellence of the territory to build the world of tomorrow together – explains Alessandro Russo, president and chief executive officer of the Cap Group – With Perform Water 2030 we have transformed our plants and structures into real laboratories where we can design the management of the water service of the future today, to guarantee water quality and recover energy and resources from a circular economy perspective”.

Started in 2018, Perform Water 2030 today becomes a model that can be adopted by other subjects to develop common goals. Acronym of Platform for Integrated Operation Research and Management of Public Water towards 2030, the project took into consideration 4 thematic areas: the first is that of Water, with a focus on the quality control of the supply water and the optimization of the distribution, monitoring and removal of emerging pollutants and emissions into the atmosphere, optimization of wastewater treatment processes; the second is that of sewage sludge, with a focus on the design and implementation of measures for the reduction of the quantity produced and thermal valorisation with the simultaneous recovery of energy and matter; the third is dedicated to the recovery of energy and materials inside purification plants (biogas to biomethane), with the simultaneous reduction of emissions into the atmosphere; finally, the fourth concerns the Economic and Social Enhancement of the technologies used in the other three areas, through the involvement of all the stakeholders and the advanced analysis of the costs and pricing of the water service.

Gruppo Cap was the leader of the entire project, which saw the collaboration of companies such as GeneGis Gi, which deals with information systems for the environment, Mmi (Modeling and Hydrological Monitoring), Seam Engineering, which deals with the creation of plants in the environmental field, the group in the chemical sector Siad, Veolia Water Technologies Italia and Vomm (plants for the treatment and energy valorisation of sludge). Scientific coordination has been entrusted to the Politecnico di Milano, in particular to the Civil and Environmental Engineering, Energy and Management departments, with the participation of the Water Research Institute of the National Research Council (IRSA-CNR) and the Water Science departments. ‘Environment and the Earth, Computer Science, Systems and Communication and Materials Science of the University of Milan-Bicocca.