Perhaps not everyone has ever seen Vittorio Sgarbi’s daughter: she is beautiful!

Many love Vittorio Sgarbi, but very few have ever seen his daughter Evelina: social shots appear, she is splendid.

It absolutely does not need too many introductions, Vittorio Sgarbi. Among the most beloved faces of Italian television, the art critic boasts a truly impressive success. Despite this, however, we are sure that not everyone has ever seen her daughter Evelina. She is very young and, as we have seen from these shots shared on social media, she is truly splendid!

Vittorio Sgarbi. Credits: Instagram

He has always kept a certain reserve about his private life, but sifting through his Instagram channel we could not help but track down some shots of his daughter Evelina. “Between provocation and melancholy”, wrote the art critic accompanying a series of shots that make the beauty of the very young girl clear and visible. Unfortunately, we have very little information about her, but looking at her shots of her we couldn’t help but see her charm with our own eyes. Are you also curious to see it now? We’ll take care of showing you everything in detail!

Who is Evelina, the daughter of Vittorio Sgarbi

‘I pieces and core’: it is precisely by quoting this famous Neapolitan song that we think of continuing our article on the daughter of the famous TV personality and beloved art critic. Recently, we showed you the very young daughter of Flavio Briatore and we described her beauty, but what do we know about the splendid Evelina Sgarbi?

We took an in-depth look at the Instagram profile of Vittorio Sgarbi – on which he is very active – and in addition to the very young shot we have already told you about, we could not help but notice these enchanting photos of his daughter Evelina. Born in the early 2000s, even if we do not know who her mother is nor her date of birth, the very young girl seems to have many things in common with her father. The good Sgarbi, in fact, said that the young woman is also an art lover and that she has chosen precisely this as her field of study.

“Evelina, she is very smart, very smart, but a little irritating because she has a similar temperament to mine”, Vittorio Sgarbi explained to Il corriere della sera. By the way, have you ever seen it? Look at these shots:

rude daughter
Evelina Sgarbi. Credits: Instagram

What can I say, the beauty of Evelina is truly indescribable. Do you agree?

How many children does she have?

Are you wondering how many children Vittorio Sgarbi has? Maybe not everyone knows, but the beloved TV face has three children. In addition to Evelina, there are Alba, who has Albanian origins and was born from the relationship of the art critic with an Albanian opera singer, and Carlo Brenner, born from his love affair with Patrizia Brenner.