Perhaps not everyone knows this ‘background’ about Vite al Limite: many ask about it

Lives on the Limit is one of the most watched programs on television, but not everyone knows this background: would you ever have imagined it?

Exactly 9 years have passed since, for the first time ever, Vite al Limite was broadcast on TLC, the US channel, and was a truly impressive success. Focused on the work of Dr. Nowzaradan, a highly respected Iranian surgeon, and the stories of people with a weight that far exceeds 250 kg and reaches crazy peaks, the program continues to be one of the most followed by the public.

Few people know this background on Vite al Limite. Photo Source: Youtube

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Now in its ninth edition, Vite al Limite is one of those programs you can’t do without. And the reason, let’s face it, is pretty clear to everyone. It is thanks to it that all its viewers have the confirmation of how, many times, the mind is stronger than everything. And how people who are willing to get back in shape are really willing to all to achieve their goal. For example, Charity and many others are a prime example. If, however, we asked you if you really know everything about the program, would you be able to give us a positive answer? We are sure not! Suppose, in fact, that, although it is very popular, not everyone is aware of this background on Vite al Limite.

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Did you know this background on Vite al Limite? Not everyone imagines it

There are so many questions that all its viewers ask themselves at each episode of Lives on the Limit? For example, how much does a visit with Doctor Nowzaradan cost? Or, do patients get a fee to take part in the program? All legitimate questions, mind you! And which are above all determined by the fact that the success of the TLC broadcast is truly merciless. Despite this, however, we are sure that not everyone is aware of this background.

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Have you ever wondered, for example, where Dr. Now’s clinic is located? Where do patients go to see Dr. Nowzaradan? We know it’s in Houston, Texas, but is there any more information? Absolutely yes! From what we learn from the web, it seems that the clinic is located at 4009 Bellaire Boulevard in Houston. And that, instead, the operations do not take place here, but elsewhere. And, in particular, at St. Joseph Medical Center in Houston.

Lives to the limit behind the scenes
Photo source: youtube

What do you tell us? Were you aware of it?