Pernigotti, the company is safe: taken over by JP Morgan

The closing of the definitive transfer of the shares of the confectionery company from the Turkish Toksoz family to Lynstone has been signed

JP Morgan like Willy Wonka will have its own chocolate factory and Pernigotti is safe. The company, founded in 1868 in Novi Ligure, will pass from the Turkish Toksoz family, which had taken over it in 2013, to the Lynstone company, a financial vehicle of the US investment bank JP Morgan. “The good governance of the negotiations, the perseverance of the employees and the struggle – said Raffaele Benedetto, general secretary Flai Cgil – led to the definitive rescue of the historic Novese brand. We will ensure that the same mistakes of the outgoing management are not committed”. About fifty employees are involved.

A loan of 10 million is also on the way

He also saves about fifty employees after the signing, in these days, for the extraordinary layoff of 12 months in continuity with that for reorganization which expired on 30 June. “This is what we have always fought for, since the first day four years ago – comments Piero Frescucci, rsu Uila Uil – What we have always tried to achieve: that the Turkish family would leave and someone able to manage this company would come. . Everything is going in the best way. We hope to start a new era. ” The Italian confectionery company also obtained a loan of 10 million for the most immediate liquidity needs from illimity Bank.