Persona 5: The Phantom X announced for iOS and Android, free to play

The spin-off will be a new RPG in the series, with a new protagonist and mascot

After a short teaser in 2021, Perfect world Games released the first trailer and announced the release of Persona 5: The Phantom X, an official spin-off of the popular RPG Persona 5 that will arrive on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and in China and Japan also on PC. The game, developed by Perfect World and supervised by Atlus and Sega, will be a parallel adventure to that of the console game with a new team of Phantom Thieves grappling with school activities and fighting against enemies. The basic gameplay will be very similar to the console game, but will have new protagonists and even a new mascot. The game will be free to play, therefore free to download and play, but will have paid tools and weapons that can be purchased during the games. The protagonist and his alter ego, the Persona, were designed by Atlus artist Shigenori Soejima. For the moment, a release date has not been announced, but the first beta test will begin in China on March 29 on Android and PC.