Pertini, mayor of Lucca: “It was the center-left that blocked the process for the road”

“It was the centre-left, with the Tambellini administration, that canceled the naming of a street after Sandro Pertini in 2012 after it had been planned by the Favilla council since 2009. That of the centre-left was therefore a premeditated action which it has caused serious damage to the image of the city”. This is the position of the mayor of Lucca Mario Pardini, who today, accompanied by the entire council, tried, cards in hand, to put a “tombstone” on the Pertini affair.

Showing two resolutions, the mayor explained that the process for a street to be named after the partisan president had already started in 2009 on the input of the then centre-right administration led by mayor Mauro Favilla. However, the process was interrupted when the centre-left council of the first Tambellini administration revoked the act, establishing the road commission. When the commission resumed its work, the mayor added, Pertini’s name (and that of former president Giuseppe Saragat) had disappeared from the list of titles, although it remained in the Municipality’s information system as a procedure “initiated and then cancelled” , so much so that some road books give the name of via Pertini to the IV crossroads of via Nuova for Pisa in Santa Maria del Giudice.