Perugia, 70 year old raped and killed: neighbor arrested

The traces on the body landed the fifty-year-old in handcuffs almost a year after the crime

Marielle Soethe was raped and killed at the age of 70 in November last year in Citerna in Val Tiberina. Today he was arrested as a fifty-year-old by the carabinieri of the investigative unit of the Provincial Command of Perugia and Città di Castello and was taken to the Umbrian prison of Capanne. The man, originally from Romania but resident in Italy for years, had known the victim for some time. The biological traces found on the body of the woman, of German origin, revealed a correspondence with the arrested person in the defense injuries. According to the latest investigative thesis, the man, known to the victim, entered the apartment with her consent and, after the violent attack, also of a sexual nature, killed her.

The discovery of the body

Last December 1st, the woman was found dead inside her home by the Citerna police, alerted by a friend of hers who had not been able to contact her for days. Once they entered the house, the soldiers found the woman lying on the floor in her bedroom, with clear traces of a brutal attack she had suffered, including a sexual one. The numerous technical inspections carried out in the apartment by the Carabinieri of the Scientific Investigations section of Perugia and the Ris of Rome, together with the doctors of the Institute of Forensic Medicine, made it possible to date the brutal murder, which occurred on 25 November, and to collect clues, including biological traces. The particular brutality of the crime and some methods found, such as the lack of forced entry and the anomalous closing of the shutters of the house, led the investigators to believe, first of all, that there was a relationship of acquaintance between the victim and the murderer and that the latter could have been from the area.