Pesci Piccoli, the first TV series signed The Jackal arrives on June 8th

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Is called Pisces Piccoli – One agency, many ideas, little budget the first TV series written and performed by The Jackal, the Neapolitan comedy collective that became famous on Youtube before landing on television. The series will be available in streaming on Amazon Prime Video (also visible on Sky Glass, Sky Q and via app on Now Smart Stick) starting from 8 June. The announcement was made by Prime Video and The Jackal, who shared a fun post on their social networks (you can see it at the bottom of this article).

Six episodes

The series is produced by The Jackal with Mad Entertainment and in collaboration with Prime Video and will consist of six episodes directed by Francesco Ebbasta. is divided into six episodes directed by Francesco Ebbasta. The subject is signed by Francesco Ebbasta and Alessandro Grespan, who also edited the screenplay with Luca Vecchi and Stefano Di Santi.


In the era of TikTok stars and successful lives shown on social media, what’s great about living a normal life every day? And if your normal life was just in a small social communication agency? Ciro, Fabio, Fru and Aurora are friends and colleagues immersed in the digital undergrowth made up of provincial loser brands and tragicomic little influencers, but also of gestures of friendship, flirting between colleagues and group rituals. The arrival of a new downgraded manager but determined to prove her worth again will bring a wave of novelty, but will teach us that even in a normal life, without global successes and millions of followers, you can find something valuable if you have the right friends.


In the cast of Pisces Piccoli – One agency, many ideas, little budget all the well-known faces of The Jackal collective are there: Fabio Balsamo, Gianluca Fru, Aurora Leone and Ciro Priello. With them also Martina Tinnirello. Also starring in the series Amanda Campana (Space monkeys And Summertime), Anna Ferraioli Ravel, Angelo Spagnoletti (Generation 56k), Veronica Mazza (A Place in the Sun), Giovanni Anzaldo, Sergio Del Prete, Flavio Pellino, Sara Penelope, Dino Porzio, Francesca Romana Bergamo, Alessia Santalucia, Gianni Spezzano, Marina Zanchi, Mario Zinno.