“Pet-friendly products are as important as those for children”

According to the Samsung study of 6,500 pet owners in Europe, 59% will not cut costs for their four-legged friends

From the Samsung study on the life of pets, 2022 Pet Living Studyemerges as the increase of presence of pets in the houses of Europe stay redefining the choices in terms of technology and way of living the home. Over half of the people involved in the survey at European level believe that technology can help increase the well-being of their pets (56%) and in Italy 62% of the sample think so. Technology is also credited with keeping pets more active (56%), improving their health (52%) and/or reducing separation anxiety (52%). Pet-friendly technology is increasingly in demand: more than half of respondents (52%) believe that devices or appliances in smart homes should be equipped with them by default. Above all, Italians are convinced of this (59%).

There are currently more pets in European households than children. The survey revealed that for at least two thirds (63%) of those interviewed, pets are considered real members of the family. Considered like children, it is not surprising that pets play an increasingly important role in the organization of our domestic life, also influencing the main purchasing decisions: almost half (47%) of the interviewees admitted to having changed your home to adapt it to your pets; almost a third (32%) admitted that having a pet influenced the purchase of a new appliance. A similar percentage (30%) also stated that the the presence of a pet influenced the choice of one’s personal technological device. In Italy alone, 36% of the sample involved is convinced.

According to the survey, technology-loving pet owners would like to use the latter to clean up with a vacuum cleaner after their pets have passed (53%), feed them using automatic food dispensers (49% ) use location trackers to track their movements (48%). Those who declare that they already use technology to look after their pets identify among the main reasons: guaranteeing the safety of the animals themselves (36%), their own peace of mind (36%) and comfort (33%).

Benjamin Braun, vp of Samsung Europe says: “There are more pets than children in European homes today. This is changing our purchasing decisions and reconfiguring our relationship with technology. At Samsung, we design products that are perfectly suited to the lifestyle of our consumers and, consequently, also to their animal friends. We know that, for many people, pets are real members of the family and we therefore continue to develop technologies to simplify their lives and make it healthier and more serene for their pets”. Despite a progressive contraction in household expenses due to the high cost of living, when it comes to furry friends, Europeans are not willing to compromise.

A very high percentage of respondents (59%) said they have no intention of cutting overall spending on their pets, while the majority (61%) said they would make other sacrifices before considering cutting back. amount dedicated to purchases for them. Owners surveyed would be willing to cut back on everything from essentials like utilities (27%) and outings with friends (40%) before skimping on those for their fellow animals.

In Italy, the increases in consumption are perhaps felt more strongly, but more than a quarter (26%) of respondents still declare that they will keep the costs for their pets unchanged. With the return to face-to-face work after the pandemic, it has become a worry for many to leave animals at home alone for a long time. Almost half (46%) of those interviewed said they fear their pets will feel lonely, a percentage that increases among young people: half (50%) of owners aged between 18 and 34 admitted to having this fear. In fact, the fear that one’s furry friends feel lonely and bored is more felt than those related to the costs to be faced to look after them or to repair any damage to the home, furniture or garden. Two in five respondents (40%) said they are more concerned about their pets now that Covid restrictions have lifted. Many owners therefore seek help from technology: about half (48%) of those interviewed use it to ensure that their pets do not suffer from loneliness.

Benjamin Braun, vp of Samsung Europe added: “Ours houses They are becoming smarter and more connected. The ecosystems we develop are aimed at all members of the family, including our four-legged friends. SmartThings Pet Care offers an optimal environment for pet owners: it allows you to turn on the lights, the TV or the vacuum cleaner while you are away from home. Furthermore, with Jet Bot Ai+, our latest generation robot vacuum cleaner, the user can monitor the animal’s day, thus limiting any worries”.

Pet owners are optimistic about the benefits technology can bring to their little friends’ lives. But that’s cautious optimism: Pet owners want to make sure their pets are protected in a digital world, just like humans’ personal devices. Nonetheless, the study shows a desire for continuous innovation among pet-owners. More than three in five respondents (62%) think pet-friendly features are as important as kid-friendly features, while nearly half (49%) want more pet-friendly technologies to be developed in the future.

Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas, Lecturer in Animal-Computer Interaction at the University of Glasgow, who collaborated on the 2022 Pet Living study, commented: “Our homes are getting smarter and better connected, and the way we look after Our pets will continue to be revolutionized by new smart technologies built not only around our daily lives and habits, but also around the lives of the animals we share our homes with. With the growing adoption of smart devices by new generations and more people owning pets, the next step is of course the design of smart technologies around pets.