Pete Davidson’s alleged stalker is not fit to stand trial

Michelle Mootreddywho broke into the New York home of pete davidson in March 2021, she has been deemed “unfit to stand trial” and “placed in the custody of a psychiatric facility”.

The Staten Island district attorney confirmed to TMZ in a statement Wednesday that Mootreddy “will receive treatment and regular evaluations to determine whether or not you can return and participate in your defense”.

Mootreddy was arrested in March 2021 after she allegedly broke into the comedian’s Staten Island home.

According to police sources, she knocked on the door and her mother, Amy Waters-Davidson, responded to the call before asking him to leave. However, Mootreddy did not take no for an answer and slipped into the home through a side door.

When the police arrived, Mootreddy allegedly told them that had “a telepathic love connection” with Pete, 29 years old.

In addition to breaking and entering, Mootreddy was accused of bombarding the “Suicide Squad” star with unwanted gifts and issuing a false press release that said she and Davidson had married.

A lawyer for the comedian told page six at the time that the news of the marriage was “completely false.”

“Not a word of it is true,” the lawyer said in a statement. “Mr. Davidson has no idea who this person is. We are investigating and considering all legal and equitable remedies.”

Mootreddy was subsequently charged with second and third degree robberytwo misdemeanor counts of stalking and two misdemeanor counts of trespassing and stalking.

A judge also ordered Mootreddy to stay away from Davison and his family.