Peter Pan Neverland Nightmare, a first image from the horror film

With the loss of the rights of some now “older” characters, horror projects are multiplying that revolve around characters who until a few years ago would have been unthinkable to imagine involved in plots that produce not water but blood on all sides…

After Winnie the Pooh by AA Milne (the writer from whose pen the character of the tender, honey-hungry teddy bear was born) and then by Disney (which held the rights until, last year, they lapsed, bringing in Winnie and many of the his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood in another immense forest: that of public domain works), now it’s Peter Pan’s turn.

And in fact a new horror film dedicated to the literary character created by JM Barrie in 1902 is about to arrive on the big screen, in the sense that it is currently in pre-production and will see filming begin in May 2024.

The title is Peter Pan’s Neverland Nightmare and will focus on Wendy trying to save her brother Michael from an evil version of Peter.

In the past few hours, it has been revealed what the dark version of the character loved by children will be, shared on X (the former Twitter) by the Public Domain Cinematic Universe News account (you can look at the image in the tweet at the bottom of this article) .

The horror film will be released in cinemas around the world on Halloween 2024

Peter Pan’s Neverland Nightmare will have an exit that comes proverbially like “cheese on macaroni”, to use the popular expression that best conveys how something fits perfectly (to use another…).

Returning to the “cheese on macaroni”, the film will in fact be presented in cinemas all over the world on the occasion of Halloween 2024, therefore finding the perfect scenario to make everyone shiver.

In this film version Sui generisTinkerbell (Tinkerbell’s character’s original name) is portrayed as an addict, addicted to heroin instead of pixie dust.

The film is related to Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood & Honey: this horror version of the character loved by the child target comes from the same directors of the slasher film Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey (a film whose incredible success was such that it gave rise to a saga), as the teaser image and the revelation of the plot confirm.

Production of the film featuring a previously unseen psychopathic Peter Pan will begin in May

This distorted version of the story of the young and carefree boy who doesn’t want to grow up and lives in Neverland, here in an unprecedented version of a bloodthirsty psychopath, will begin in May this year.

Speaking to the magazine specializing in horror cinema Bloody Disgustingdirector Scott Jeffrey revealed what the plot synopsis is, revealing that Peter Pan’s Neverland Nightmare will focus on the character of Wendy.

The girl will try in every way to save her brother from a new version of Peter Pan, the very bad Peter we mentioned before.
The film will feature an incredibly tense atmosphere, following Wendy in her attempt to track down Michael, who has been kidnapped by a terrible, bloodthirsty Peter Pan.

The director: “It will be a brutal, violent and incredibly dark film”

Scott Jeffrey, the film’s director, described his film as a mix between Switchblade Romance (in Italian it is High voltageoriginal title Haute tensiona 2003 French slasher film directed by Alexandre Ajae) and The Black Phone (in Italian without The, Alone Black Phone, 2021 American film directed by Scott Derrickson).

Jeffrey added that it will be a brutal, violent and incredibly dark film.
During the interview given to Bloody Disgustingthe filmmaker made you know that Tink will deviate significantly from expectations: she is in fact portrayed as a heroin addict, convinced that that white thing is fairy dust…

Peter Pan horror will be linked to Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood & Honey

The film will be explicitly linked to Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood & Honey and will be presented at the end of the next sequel to the film saga of the yellow teddy bear who became a psychopathic murderer.

From the director’s words, it seems that this new Peter Pan film wants to further expand their universe, that of Winnie & Co. launched in 2023 by director Rhys Frake-Waterfield, with various connections.

This film is part of the so-called Public Domain Cinematic Universe

By many internet users, this new “universe” that the director Scott Jeffrey himself spoke about has been baptized with the name of Public Domain Cinematic Universe, abbreviated with the acronym of PDCU, which mimics that of DC and Marvel.

In this new universe there will also be Bambi and Pinocchio in a horror style

Other films planned for this universe which is full of characters who have entered the public domain (with the lapse of their rights) are Bambi: The Reckoning And Pinocchio: Unstrungtwo horror films that will present much darker and more gruesome versions of their respective characters first by Felix Salten and Carlo Collodi and then by Disney (in the sense that the famous Disney animated films are born from the novels of the aforementioned writers).

The cast of Peter Pan’s Neverland Nightmare

As for the horror cast Peter Pan’s Neverland Nightmarewe already know many of the names of the actors who will find themselves together on silk starting from the first take scheduled for May 2024.

Among these, there are Megan Placito (who will play the role of Wendy), Kit Green (who will play the part of Tinkerbell, a character who in the Italian version of Peter Pan is called Tinkerbell, we repeat), Peter DeSouza-Feighoney (present in role of Wendy’s brother, Michael, kidnapped and held hostage by a very evil Peter Pan) and Charity Kase in the role of James.

More information about the film is expected to be released once production begins next May.

Below you can look at the first image of the dark version of Peter Pan, shared on X (the former Twitter) by the Public Domain Cinematic Universe News account.