Peter Stein celebrates Pinter’s ‘Birthday’ at Sala Umberto

Starring Maddalena Crippa with Alessandro Averrone and Gianluigi Fogacci

It’s a ‘Birthday’ the one conceived and described by the English writer is very particular Harold Pinter and from the theatrical version signed by the German director Peter Steinon stage until February 12 at Umberto Room in Rome with Madeleine Crippa protagonist, flanked by Alessandro Averrone and Gianlugi Fogacci. Particular for the characters she proposes, for the dynamics she weaves, for the lives that unties and knots at the same time this early work by Pinter written under the clear influence of the ‘theater of the absurd’ of Samuel Beckett.

The story is set in a house with pretensions of a boarding house by the sea, with two elderly landlords and a single guest, a bored young man locked up, both physically and mentally, in his room; precarious but sustainable balance, which is broken by the irruption of two other customers, whose intentions and real reasons for that sudden arrival are not clear, at the same time desired by the two unaware and naive owners and feared by the young guest.

“The story starts from an apparently innocuous situation and then flows into the improbable due to its characters: fearful individuals, isolated from the world in a confined space, unhappy but safe until something or someone arrives to shake their hole and represent a threaten – observe Peter Stein – In the theater individuals suffocated by repression are staged, unaware of their condition, convinced that they are in fact totally free men. The time passed since the release of this work by Pinter it did not detract from its enigmatic and disturbing effect, whereby the atmosphere of a continuous threat never ceases to dominate any action”.

(Of Enzo Bonaiuto)