Petites the life I would like for you, exclusive film trailer. VIDEO

There are many festivals that have noticed this entirely female film: Boccalino d’oro Award for “its strong and poignant vitality and for the ability to treat with delicacy and wit the complexity of the microcosm of the social structure that welcomes single mothers” and Special Mention Cinema & Youth at Locarno Festival but also successfully presented to Rendez-Vous of French Cinema in Rome, al Giffoni Film Festival and soon to Naples Film Festival.

In theaters from October 26th

“Petites – The life I would like… for you” arrives in the cinema the film that moved audiences and critics at national and international festivals, in cinemas from 26 October.

The first work by Julie Lerat-Gersant, who brings to the cinema her experience as an observer in French reception centers for teenage mothers and their newborns, the film tells the tormented journey of Camille, a teenager dealing with an unexpected pregnancy that turns her her life and leads her to reflect on the sense of responsibility that being a mother entails.

The cast

The film stars a group of young actresses, from the protagonist Phili Groyne (Camille), to the intense and seasoned Romane Bohringer (Nadine), to the surprising Victoire Du Bois (Alison).

The plot of the movie

Camille, 16 years old, unexpectedly finds herself expecting a child and is sent by the juvenile judge to a reception center for young pregnant women.

Separated from her loving but toxic mother, there she becomes friends with Alison, an immature and reckless young girl who lives with her little daughter Diana in the family home, and reluctantly submits to the authority of Nadine, an educator as passionate as she is disillusioned.

These meetings will end up further upsetting Camille’s destiny and her young life.