Petrol and diesel prices are declining in Italy today

New discounts at the distributor

Price of a liter of petrol and diesel falling in Italy at the distributor, from Rome to Milan, from Naples to Turin. The reductions in the recommended price lists of the major brands continue, with little movement in the national averages of prices charged at the pump. According to the usual survey by Staffetta Quotidiana, this morning Eni reduced the recommended prices of petrol by one cent per liter and those of diesel by two cents/litre.

These are the averages of the prices applied communicated by the managers to the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development and elaborated by the Staffetta, recorded at 8 am yesterday morning on about 15,000 plants: self-service petrol at 1.736 euro/litre (-1 thousandth, companies 1.736 , white pumps 1,736), diesel at 1,812 euro/litre (-1, companies 1,814, white pumps 1,807). Petrol served at 1.878 euro/litre (+1, companies 1.918, white pumps 1.796) diesel at 1.953 euro/litre (unchanged, companies 1.997, white pumps 1.866). LPG served at 0.775 euro/litre (-1, companies 0.784, white pumps 0.764), methane served at 2.362 euro/kg (unchanged, companies 2.334, white pumps 2.385), LNG 2.256 euro/kg (-3, companies 2.298 euro/ kg, white pumps 2.225 euro/kg).

These are the prices on the motorways: self-service petrol 1.834 euro/litre (served 2.094), self-service diesel 1.903 euro/litre (served 2.161), LPG 0.869 euro/litre, methane 2.332 euro/kg, LNG 2.164 euro/kg.