Petrol and diesel prices are falling today in Italy

Above all, diesel fuel is down

Petrol and diesel prices are falling today in Italy at the distributor, from Rome to Milan, from Palermo to Turin. The decrease mainly concerns diesel. On the international oil markets, the price of gasoline ended the past week down, while diesel started to rise again. According to the usual survey by Staffetta Quotidiana, Q8 has reduced the recommended prices of petrol by two cents per liter and by four those of diesel.

These are the averages of the prices communicated by the managers to the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development and processed by the Staffetta, measured at 8 yesterday morning on about 15 thousand plants: self-service petrol at 1.685 euros / liter (-3 thousandths, companies 1.688 , white pumps 1,679), diesel at 1,869 euros / liter (-6, 1,870 companies, 1,866 white pumps). Petrol served at 1,829 euros / liter (-4, 1,874 companies, 1,742 white pumps), diesel to 2,010 euros / liter (-5, 2,051 companies, 1,926 white pumps). LPG served at 0.774 euros / liter (unchanged, companies 0.780, white pumps 0.766), methane served at 2.417 euros / kg (-47, companies 2.499, white pumps 2.352), LNG 2.877 euros / kg (-34, companies 2.972 euros / kg, white pumps 2,813 euros / kg).

These are the prices on motorways: self-service petrol 1,793 euros / liter (2,054 served), self-service diesel 1,964 euros / liter (2,221 served), LPG 0.865 euros / liter, natural gas 2,976 euros / kg, LNG 2,976 euros / kg.