Petrol and diesel prices, still rising today

This morning Eni increased the recommended prices for petrol and diesel by one cent per liter. Same move for IP and Q8

New round of increases today in Italy for gasoline and diesel prices, with oil markets in tension after the announcement by the European Commission of an upcoming embargo on imports of crude oil and refined products from Russia and Brent soaring to 111 dollars . Methane is an exception. After the cut in excise duty and VAT, prices fell sharply: between yesterday and today the national average of compressed methane prices lost more than 20 cents per liter, falling for the first time since March 7 below the level of 2 euros, to 1,967 euros / kg. The tax reduction is worth about 8 thousandths per kg as regards the zeroing of the excise duty, while for VAT, being a percentage value on the price, it depends a lot on the starting point.

According to the usual survey by Staffetta Quotidiana, this morning Eni increased the recommended prices of gasoline and diesel by one cent per liter. Same move for IP and Q8. These are the averages of the prices communicated by the managers to the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development and processed by the Staffetta, measured at 8 yesterday morning on about 15 thousand plants: self-service petrol at 1,814 euros / liter (+7 thousandths, 1,819 companies , white pumps 1,801), diesel at 1,835 euros / liter (+10, 1,840 companies, 1,823 white pumps). Petrol served at 1,945 euros / liter (+6, companies 1,989, white pumps 1,861), diesel to 1,965 euros / liter (+8, companies 2,010, white pumps 1,880). LPG served at 0.851 euros / liter (-2, companies 0,854 white pumps 0.848), methane served at 1.967 euros / kg (-144, companies 2.029, white pumps 1.918), LNG 2.307 euros / kg (-288, companies 2.380 euros / kg, white pumps 2,248 euros / kg).

These are the prices on motorways: self-service petrol 1,881 euros / liter (served 2.104), self-service diesel fuel 1.902 euros / liter (served 2.129), LPG 0.932 euros / liter, natural gas 2.352 euros / kg, LNG 2.246 euros / kg.