Petrol bonus, Salvini: “For those who have the Panda and not the Porsche”

“To families, pensioners and workers with the lowest incomes”

The bonus against expensive petrol “is intended to help lower incomes because I cannot treat in the same way those who fill up their Panda to go to work and those who fill up their Porsche to go to the beach”. These are the words of Matteo Salvini, Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, on the petrol bonus that should be launched for the weakest groups. “I’m counting on it being given to families, pensioners and workers who have the lowest incomes, then tomorrow we’ll see,” he says to Dritto e rovescio on Rete 4, referring to the Council of Ministers scheduled for Monday.

The deputy prime minister also focuses on a measure that should be part of the 2024 budget: “In the budget law, salary increases of up to 100 euros for those who earn up to 30-35 thousand euros a year. The help must be brought there”.

On the new 2023 highway code, and in particular on the news relating to speed cameras, the leader of the League says: “Speed ​​cameras in dangerous points, yes, but if there are three-lane roads you cannot set the limit to 50 per hour and put the ‘speed camera to raise cash’. “It is not urban to fleece those who come to Rome or Milan to go to work, we will prevent this. There will be a national law that regulates how to use speed cameras, they will have to be approved at a national level”, he adds.