Pg Patronaggio: “Great carnival celebrations, but we wonder if horror can be repeated?”

“In this great carnival that seems to be the distinctive feature of the celebrations of the thirtieth anniversary of what was a great human, professional and political tragedy not only in Sicily but in Italy as a whole, few have asked themselves a question that sounds distressing to me: could to repeat all this horror? The answer is unfortunately, dramatically, yes “. This is the complaint, in an interview with Adnkronos, by the Attorney General of Cagliari Luigi Patronaggio, who for many years was part of the district management of Palermo and dealt with the most important mafia trials. He worked for years alongside Paolo Borsellino and got to know judge Giovanni Falcone closely.

“Because, beyond the easy affirmations on the military defeat of the Cosa Nostra, the alliances and plots between the mafias, lobbies and occult apparatuses of this Republic have not been definitively broken – says Patronaggio – This dark parallel world, illegal and authoritarian, he still believes that he can expropriate, at will and according to logics that are not immediately decipherable, the citizens of their right to decide democratically and autonomously about their civil coexistence “.

And he adds: “The celebrations are welcome then, but with the courage to look beyond and in depth, avoiding making Falcone and Borsellino two” holy cards “to keep in the wallet of a hypocritical civic conscience”.