PH, We can talk: who are the guests on Friday, May 26, after the controversy of Daniela Aránguiz

This Friday, Chilevisión will present a new episode of the popular program “We can talk”, in which the absence of Daniela Aranguiz. However, the star has already confirmed a series of famous guests who promise revealing confessions instead of the “Star Zone” panelist.

As reported by the site, although the production of the program hosted by Jean-Philippe Cretton has given no indication that aranguiz will be present in future editions, the media itself assured that “yes or yes it will be in the star of Chilevisión”. The expectation increases with his declarations that he will reveal the truth behind the most scandalous details of this personal soap opera.

With that issue practically resolved for future episodes, and in the face of the confirmed absence of Daniela In Friday’s episode, the news portal reported that the production of “We can talk” has confirmed the participation of a comedian and three actors. One of the guests will be the renowned actor Benjamín Vicuña, who recently launched a book in memory of his deceased daughter, entitled “Blanca, the girl who wanted to fly.” In addition, the humorist Paul Vásquez, known for his outstanding career in the field of humor in Chile, will be present.

On the female side, the program will have the participation of the talented actresses María José Bello and Lorena Bosch. Both actresses will not only promote their participation in the soap opera “Tell me who you are with”, the project that will relaunch the dramatic area of ​​the channel, but they will also reveal unknown details of their lives. Although the absence of Daniela Aranguiz in this episode it could generate some disappointment among the followers of the program, the presence of these guests promises a night full of confessions, laughter and emotional moments. “We can talk” It continues to be one of the most popular television spaces today, attracting a wide audience eager to learn more about the lives of show business personalities and the world of entertainment in Chile.

Undoubtedly, this coming Friday, May 26, will be a special occasion to discover the stories and experiences of the guests who will sit on the sofa at “We can talk”generating new conversations and keeping the public expectant for the next episodes of the program.