Philips HUE, here is the smart and portable table lamp

It is called the Philips Hue Go Portable portable table lamp and it is a portable table lamp proposed by Philips HUE – a company in the Signify group – which brings connected light everywhere because it is equipped with an internal battery.


The new lamp is made of metal, with a classic but at the same time modern design, is approximately 35 centimeters high and is intended for both external use, such as a balcony, a terrace, a patio, and internal use, such as a study, a living room, the bedside table in the bedroom. It features a dark gray silicone handle that allows you to carry it easily, and a charging base.

The functions of the lamp

The new lamp works exactly like all other Philips HUE products: through the app the user can make programming, turn the lights on or off remotely, change the colors and intensity of the light and so on. Not only that: there is also a physical button on the lamp that allows you to alternate different types of predefined lighting (meditation, coffee, forest, relaxation, reading, concentration, candle effect and so on).

Impressions, availability and prices

The Philips Hue Go Portable table lamp by Philips HUE is therefore a very interesting product that accompanied us on our summer evenings on the balcony, creating the right atmosphere for reading or relaxing. In our test we did not find any negative elements. The lamp is sold only in black color at a price of 160 euros.