Photo Meloni upside down, president of the Ostuni Museum apologizes

“I recognize the total inappropriateness of the publication, which in fact I have removed”

“To Giorgia Meloni I offer my humane, sincere and heartfelt apologies for the image in poor taste that I, improvidently, posted on my Instagram stories”. This was stated by Luca Dell’Atti, president of the Civic Museum of Ostuni, after the controversy that involved him over a post on the prime minister with a photo of Giorgia Meloni upside down.

“I did it on the spur of a criticism (not very careful in the manner) of the positions taken by the Prime Minister with reference to the ‘day of remembrance’. The lightness of my media gesture has nothing to do with my personality, anything but violent. My family, my political history, my profession, my friendships demonstrate my complete distance from violent methods and messages of any kind. In clearer words: for my values ​​and my sensitivity, I couldn’t even conceive of wishing someone dead,” he says.

“I apologize to all the people who respect and know me, to the Museum institution and the Municipality of Ostuni if, due to instinctive superficiality, I gave someone the opportunity to question my seriousness, professionalism, political management ability and administrative – underlines Dell’Atti – An Instagram story, however, has nothing to do with the management of the Ostuni Museum. I recognize the total inappropriateness of the publication, which in fact I have removed, but I reject any accusation relating to the ‘ democratic viability of the management of the Museum, as some have said”.

“I repeat: it was a slip of bad taste, which took place on a social network, which (also for personal reasons) I am used to managing as a personal space. Certainly not in the public square, or in the newspapers or even in the exercise of my functions as representative of the Museum – concludes the president – The media dimension (and in particular the pillory to which I am exposed in these hours) is completely disproportionate to the effectiveness of the gesture, considering the place, the moment and the channel through which it was conveyed. This is why, once again, I apologize, with genuine conviction, but I am not willing to allow my person and my figure to be tarnished by an undue and out of control media reaction”.