Photography, preview of Steve McCurry’s latest collection at Bper Banca Forum Monzani

volume entitled ‘Devotion’ with 100 photographs of which 75 are unpublished on the theme of devotion

It will be presented as a national premiere, at Bper Banca Forum Monzani of Modena, on November 18th at 9pm, theSteve McCurry’s latest photographic collection by title Devotion. Love and Spirituality. The volume, published by Mondadori Electa, aims to answer the question ‘How is devotion expressed?’ through 100 photographs, 75 of which are unpublished, which offer a profound look at all the possible facets that devotion can take on in the world: love, passion, dedication to others, loyalty, sacrifice, commitment.

Thanks to portraits of Buddhist monks, artisans, children, mothers dedicated to caring for their children, elderly people who support each other or a father next to his son lying in a hospital bed, Steve McCurry offers the reader a very intimate reflection on how each individual can best express what his human spirit has to offer.

“I have visited Italy many times,” said McCurry, “too many to keep track of. The Italian lifestyle is characterized by wanting to embrace life in its fullness and this joyful approach also includes always offering help to others. Presenting my book here in Modena is an honor. This photographic project is important because it portrays compassion and assistance in practice, emphasizing the importance of making actions tangible for the other, without leaving only good intentions. Devotion reveals the great depth of the human spirit and gives great meaning to humanity’s existence. Precisely for this reason it is particularly significant that this book is presented here in Italy.”

Serena Morgagni, head of the Communication Department of Bper Banca, declared: “It is not the first time that we have had the pleasure of hosting Steve McCurry at the Bper Forum Monzani and we are sure that he will find the same warmth and enthusiasm that the public has always shown him. Being able to present his latest volume, as a national preview, fills us with pride: ‘Devotion’ represents a collection of undisputed beauty, McCurry’s work has that expressive power capable of involving us in a journey of wonderful shots that know how to ‘open up a dialogue’, where the questions are infinite and the answers remain open to the sensitivities of the many souls of the world that he visited and observed for us too. Promoting this event for us means wanting to continue to propose our Forum as a place of meeting and culture where illustrious names, including international ones, can appreciate the atmosphere and the ability to attract thousands of people in search of reflections and stimuli”.

Rino Parlapiano, editorial director of Mondadori Electa, declared: “The Mondadori Electa publishing house is honored to be the publisher of one of the most famous and admired living photographers, Steve McCurry, and to celebrate his invaluable contribution to the narrative of our time. A warm thank you goes to the Bper Banca Forum Monzani of Modena for the opportunity to present the book Devotion as a national preview, we are grateful for this precious union between the extraordinary photography of Steve McCurry and the prestigious stage offered to us by Bper Banca, a ‘an opportunity to celebrate devotion in all its forms, immortalized on every page of this splendid volume”, he concluded.