Pi Greco Day and Mathematics Day, events and initiatives not to be missed in Italy

Pi Greco Day occurs every year on March 14, conceived by the physicist Larry Shaw and celebrated since 1988. A non-random day, given that in Anglo-Saxon form the date is written 3/14, the same digits as the mathematical constant in question (3.14 ). Since 2020, however, March 14 has also been International Mathematics Day, which essentially absorbed Pi Day into an anniversary that celebrates the importance of mathematics and numbers in everyday life. The theme for 2023 is “Mathematics for everyone”. Every year on this date events and initiatives are organized involving various realities, from associations to schools to universities: here are 5 for 2023.

“Celebrating Pi Day”

In Chivasso, in the province of Turin, the appointment is in the former Foro Boario area from 9 to 17. Projects and experiments will be presented by the Departments of the Turin Polytechnic, university student teams, scientific associations and local schools.

“The Unbearable Lightness of Mathematics”

Event over two days, 14 and 15 March, organized by the Department of Mathematics of the University of Bari “Aldo Moro”. Many interventions by scholars and experts, in addition to the Pi-Talk Competition for university students and the π talk Competition for school pupils (FULL PROGRAM HERE).

“Pi Day”

Also the “G. Giachetta” of the University of Camerino joins the celebrations with a day dedicated to the scientific high schools of the area and a speech by Alberto Saracco (University of Parma) entitled History of Pi (HERE THE COMPLETE PROGRAM).

“Math Day”

On March 14, the Cnr organizes a webinar, as part of the Dea Scuola 2023 Training Festival, dedicated to students and teachers of secondary schools of I and II degree. Giulia Bernardi, mathematician, Luca Balletti, mathematician of the Communication Unit of the Cnr and Luca Perri, astrophysicist, talk with Chiara De Fabritiis, mathematician and coordinator of the Committee for Equal Opportunities of the Italian Mathematical Union, Roberto Natalini, director of the Institute for the applications of calculus “M. Picone” of the Cnr and other special guests. During the event also the presentation of a selection of comics participating in the international “Comic Challenge” launched by the organizing committee of the International Mathematics Day (THE PROGRAM).

“Mathematics for Every Person”

On Saturday 18 March at 2 pm at the Parco della Montagnola in Bologna (from 2 to 5 pm) and on Sunday 19 March at the Portici di Monte Cervialto (III Municipality of Rome, from 10 am to 1 pm) the Dopolavoro mathematic group organized two events entitled Mathematics for every person. With workshops aimed at teenagers, children and adults, through apparently simple games and activities it will be possible to reflect on non-trivial mathematical concepts and discuss them together with all the participants (THE PROGRAM OF THE TWO EVENTS).