Piazza Affari bounces in anticipation of Draghi

The postponement of the government crisis to Wednesday (after Mattarella has rejected his resignation, Draghi is expected in the Chambers to discuss the government crisis), has allowed the Milanese list to dismiss yesterday’s nightmare session and to close in solid territory positive and the spread to consolidate below 220 basis points at 217 bps (-0.6%).

“We believe that the markets are serving a new government solution always headed by Draghi, given that the alternatives (ferryman government and new elections) seem to be too punitive for the Italian economy in such a delicate moment from a geopolitical point of view ( war in Ukraine) both from the economic one (energy crisis, requirements for PNRR funds, budget law, anti-spread shield and recession risks) and from the health one (new vaccination campaign for the fourth dose) “, commented Filippo Diodovich , Senior Market Strategist of IG Italia.

In this context, the positive performances of Interpump (+ 5.6%), Pirelli (+ 5.57%), Enel (+ 3.41%) and Stmicroelectronics (+ 3.31%), pushed the Ftse Mib at 20,933.26 points, + 1.84% compared to the previous figure.

Even today, and this is no longer a novelty, Saipem recorded a double-digit decline (-29.91%): the banks belonging to the guarantee consortium announced that they will place 20% of the capital on the market.

Among the banks we point out + 0.89% of UniCredit, + 1.58% of Intesa Sanpaolo and -6.18% of Mps (political uncertainty could postpone the sale process of the Sienese bank).

Despite the indications coming from European registrations, in June the market recorded a -15.4% and the group created by PSA and FCA showed -17%, Stellantis finished with a + 2.26%. (in collaboration with Money.it)