Piazza Affari closed positively, Telecom Italia and Enel in focus

A decidedly fluctuating session for Piazza Affari: after a positive start and a retracement in the middle of the session, the Milan list managed to end with the plus sign. On the Ftse Mib, which closed with an increase of 0.63% at 27,109.3 points, Telecom Italia (+ 15.63%) started to rise again, approaching the 0.505 euros that could be put on the plate by KKR, thanks to rumors of a possible raise in the order of 70-80 cents.

Positive session also for Enel (+ 2%), which in the new strategic plan to 2024 estimates a dividend growth of 13%, and for UniCredit (+ 2.97%), on which S&P has increased the outlook to “positive” . The agency also raised the creditworthiness outlook for Mediobanca (-0.02%), and Intesa Sanpaolo (+ 0.02%).

On the day of the death of the founder and honorary president Ennio Doris, Banca Mediolanum ended the session with a + 2.91%.

Among the negative performances we find Stellantis (-1.19%), STMicroelectronics (-0.42%) and Eni (-0.08%). The latter had to deal with the return of weakness on Brent which, after yesterday’s rally triggered by the release of US strategic stocks, sees the future with February delivery drop by 0.4% to 81 dollars a barrel. They took advantage of Inwit (-0.71%), which in the last few sessions capitalized on possible fallout from the KKR-TIM transaction.

As regards the macro agenda, negative indications came from the German Ifo index, which fell in November from 97.7 to 96.5 points, and from the second update relating to US economic growth in the third quarter, revised from 2 to 2, 1% (estimates at 2.2%). Better than expected, the data on new subsidy applications fell in the last week below 200 thousand units (199 thousand), the lowest level since 1969. (in collaboration with money.it).