Piazza Affari flat, letter on Generali and Telecom Italia

Negative games, the European stock exchanges finished the first session of the week above par. Recent developments in the conflict, with the massacre of civilians in Bucha in the foreground, make negotiations more difficult and represent the prelude to new sanctions by the European authorities (who are starting to evaluate the embargo on energy commodities arriving from Fly).

The recovery recorded in the second part allowed the Ftse Mib to close substantially unchanged at 25,175.86 points, + 0.05% compared to the previous figure. At the top of the blue chip list we find Ferrari (+ 4.99%), followed by Moncler (+ 3.71%) and Leonardo (+ 2.69%).

Money also on Stellantis, which closed with a + 0.66% after the title paid a pledge to update car registrations in the first part, which fell by 36.6% in March (-29.7% for the whole market).

With the exception of Banco Bpm (+ 2.14%), the banking sector ended in the red: Intesa Sanpaolo lost 0.48%, UniCredit fell by 0.76% and Bper Banca left 0.59 on the parterre %. Red also for Assicurazioni Generali (-3.84%), a victim of profit taking after recent earnings.

Less than 1.93% for Telecom Italia, which announced, at the request of Consob, that it had signed a confidentiality agreement with Cdp Equity. The agreement was signed, the note reports, to “initiate preliminary discussions regarding the possible integration of the TIM network with the Open Fiber network, of which Cdp Equity holds 60% of the share capital”. (in collaboration with Money.it)