Piazza Affari in perfect equality, the energetics are bad

Day without jolts or rebounds for Piazza Affari, after yesterday’s red. Thanks to the negative performance of Wall Street and the concerns about the economic trend, the Ftse Mib closed in perfect parity (+ 0.00%) at 21,480.61 points. Investors are particularly frightened by the tensions over the energy dispute between Russia and Europe on the one hand and the rise in interest rates to fight inflation on the other.

The spread between German BTPs and Bunds does not move significantly, still hovering around 235 basis points. The Ftse Mib futures (expiring this month) then weakened. On the main list of the Milan Stock Exchange, therefore, the drop in the price of gas and oil is not good for most utilities and energy sources. Hera loses 5.14%, Eni 2.75%, Tenaris 3.43%, Enel 0.48%, A2A 1.36%, Italgas 0.97% and Terna 0.25% .

Instead, they keep the banks. Intesa Sanpaolo earns 0.40%, Unicredit 0.48%, Fineco 0.32%, Banca Mediolanum 0.70% and Banco Bpm 0.32%. As for Bper (+ 0.20%), the result is also influenced by the opinion of Fitch, which, with reference to the bond issuance program up to € 6 billion, assigned the BB rating to senior non-preferred debt. For the rest, Pirelli (+ 3.01%), Nexi (+ 1.55%), Poste (+ 1.14%) and Saipem (+ 1.82%) stand out. Tim also did well (+ 0.40%). According to press rumors, CDP’s offer for the single network with Open Fiber will be delivered between 26 and 30 September, after the electoral campaign, so the binding proposal will arrive by 31 October. (in collaboration with Money.it).