Piazza Affari in red, a minus sign for Telecom Italia

New closure in the red for the Milanese financial center, in the grip of the reduction of monetary stimuli and fears of new lockdowns.

In Milan, where the Ftse Mib stopped at 26,939.4 points (-1.62%), the -4.72% of Telecom Italia made particular noise. KKR’s intention to launch an offer of € 0.505 per share, closed at € 0.43.

The performance of the TIT stock is linked to the many obstacles that this operation will have to overcome in order to go through. After Vivendi, Asati, the Association of small shareholders of Telecom Italia, also advised to keep the shares of the telephone group.

Sales day also for Moncler (-3.78%) and STMicroelectronics (-4.01%) while Nexi (+ 1.52%), UniCredit (+ 0.62%) and Eni (+ 0.42%) ended with a plus sign. Above par is also Leonardo (+ 0.16%), driven by the updates relating to the sales process of Otto Melara and Wass, for which there are three suitors, Fincantieri, Knds and Rheinmetall.

On the complete, thud for Juventus shares (-7.27%) after the announcement of the conditions for the capital increase: 9 new shares will be offered for every 10 held at € 0.334 for each new share (the share closed at 0.631 EUR).

Two-speed session for oil: in red in the first part, it started to rise again, thanks to “Buy the rumors, sell the news” reversed, after the United States announced the release of 50 million barrels of crude oil from its Strategic Reserve. At the close of trading in Europe, the Brent futures for February delivery rose 2.2% to 80.8 dollars a barrel.

A plus sign also for the BTP-Bund spread, which rose 3.7% to 125 basis points (in collaboration with money.it).