Piazza Affari is up, utilities are doing well

Positive day for Piazza Affari, which after a negative start gets up again with the positive opening of Wall Street. American investors are waiting for the Beige Book, the document that will describe the health of the US economy, but also the words of some members of the Federal Reserve, which can give further details on future monetary policy strategies.

In Europe, on the other hand, the energy situation is being monitored, with the EU insisting on the price cap and Putin talking about a social explosion coming to the Old Continent. The meeting of the ECB board is expected tomorrow. According to prevailing views, Frankfurt will raise interest rates by 75 basis points after the 50 hike established in July. The Ftse Mib rose by 0.04% and closed at 21,283.18 points. The spread between German BTPs and Bunds then drops slightly and stands at around 230 basis points.

On the main list of the Milan Stock Exchange, therefore, the utilities are put on display. Hera earns 2.69%, A2A 0.69% and Enel 1.53%. The latter launched a sustainability-linked bond on the market aimed at institutional investors for a total of 1 billion euros. The issue received redundant requests for approximately 2.4 times, totaling total orders for an amount of approximately 2.4 billion. Prysmian (+ 2.81%), Stellantis (+ 1.06%) and Stm (+ 2.11%) also did well

In no particular order the banks: Banca Mediolanum gains 1.29%, Mediobanca 0.55% and Fineco 0.18%, while Intesa Sanpaolo loses 0.22% and Unicredit 1.61% The significant decline the price of oil, on the other hand, sinks Eni (-2.79%) and Tenaris (-3.15%). Amplifon (-2.13%), Leonardo (-1.23%) and Diasorin (-2.10%) are also bad. (in collaboration with Money.it).