Piazza Affari positive, Poste rises waiting for the accounts

A plus sign for Piazza Affari which, awaiting news from Ukraine, has absorbed Jerome Powell’s “hawkish” turn without any particular problems. During a speech yesterday, the chairman of the Federal Reserve noted that the inflation rate is too high (7.9% in February, the highest in four decades) and that the Washington-based institution is ready to implement a “more aggressive attitude” to curb consumer prices.

In Milan, where the Ftse Mib closed at 24,533.84 points (+ 0.98%), the performances of the trio formed by Atlantia (+ 3.17%), Ferrari (+ 2.55%) and, waiting of the accounts, Poste Italiane (+ 2.62%). Definitely positive performance also for Banca Mediolanum (+ 2.58%) and Azimut (+ 2.06%).

In the banking sector, Intesa Sanpaolo + 1.62% and UniCredit + 1.69%. Less than 0.38% for Banca Monte dei Paschi which communicated that the auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers has made its reports available, which contain an opinion without qualifications, both on the consolidated financial statements and on the draft financial statements.

Plus sign for Leonardo (+ 0.4%) which confirmed the guidance on group debt and announced the sale of the Global Enterprise Solutions business for 450 million dollars, and parity for Snam (+ 0.06%). According to rumors reported by the Bloomberg agency, CEO Marco Alverà will leave the company in April, at the end of his second term.

The BTP-Bund spread remained unchanged at 153 basis points. During the session, the Treasury announced that it had entrusted to a pool of banks the mandate for the syndicated placement of a new CCTeu expiring on October 15, 2030. (in collaboration with Money.it)