Piazza Affari positive waiting for the Fed, BPER in evidence

Our Ftse Mib closed up by almost half a percentage point (+ 0.41% at 26,666.08 points) pending the most awaited appointment of the last few months: the meeting of the Federal Reserve. In light of inflation at its highest since 1982 and producer prices that set an all-time high in November, the institute headed by Jerome Powell is expected to announce an intensification of the stimulus withdrawal process.

On the basket of blue chips today was the day of Bper Banca shares (+ 6.08%), after the bank presented the conditions for the purchase of 88% of the capital of Carige (+ 13.65%) . In the sector, Intesa Sanpaolo and UniCredit respectively left 1.03 and 1.79 per cent on the field.

Positive sitting for Assicurazioni Generali (+ 0.27%) which has lifted the veil on the strategic plan: between 2022 and 2024 the cumulative coupons are seen in the range of 5.2-5.6 billion euros, the buyback at 500 million and the funds for acquisitions amounted to 2.5-3 billion euros. According to rumors, Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone would have voted against Philippe Donnet’s plan.

The increase in the 2021 revenue estimate, expected to rise by about 30 percentage points, allowed Brunello Cucinelli to close with + 6.59%.

Weakness instead for Leonardo (-0.47%) despite rumors about the possible award of a contract to supply 24 M-346 jets to Egypt. The value of the transaction should be around half a billion.

Negative day also for the stocks of the oil sector: in the wake of the third consecutive session of weakness in oil (the Brent futures lose 0.8% to 73.1 dollars a barrel), Tenaris finished in the red by -3.09 %, Saipem fell by 1.64% and Eni left 1.22% on the parterre.

A minus sign for the BTP-Bund spread, which fell by one and a half percentage points to 128 basis points. (in collaboration with money.it).