Piazza Affari remains positive, the European gas price cap is on the way

The gains for the European stock exchanges continue, in the wake of Wall Street, galvanized yesterday by data on US inflation which in October grew less than expected. In this way, the excellent performances achieved by most of the stocks in the previous session are consolidated in the Old Continent. The price of gas on the Amsterdam market then drops to around 100 euros per megawatt hour, on the day the EU Commission announces that, despite the delays and the different positions in the field between the member countries, it will present the final price cap proposal by European Council of 24 November.

The Ftse Mib gains 0.25% and closes at 24,455.57 points. The spread between German BTPs and Bunds is up, traveling around 206 basis points, while the yield of the Italian ten-year bond is over 4.1%. On the main list of Piazza Affari A2a is positive (+ 2.64%), with investors rewarding the financial results of the first nine months of the year, with a positive gross operating margin and net profit. Saipem (+ 7.81%), Tenaris (+ 2.11%), Moncler (+ 3.93%), Amplifon (+ 3.20%), Azimut (+ 4.14%), Cnh (+ 2.72%) and Interpump (+ 2.48%).

At the bottom of the list, on the other hand, Unipol, which loses 1.27%. The insurance company presented the income statements for the first nine months of the year, confirming an income trend of the consolidated operations for the current year in line with the objectives set. Too little for investors. Bad, then several securities in the banking sector: in fact, the minus sign was Banca Mediolanum (-1.20%), Bper (-1.38%), Intesa Sanpaolo (-0.76%) and Unicredit (-1.79%) ). Also negative were Italgas (-1.89%), Leonardo (-1.25%) and Prysmian (-2.84%). (in collaboration with Money.it)