Piazza Affari shyly up, down Saipem and Eni

A mixed day for the European stock exchanges, with analysts awaiting the next February 1st decision by the Fed on interest rates, while that of the ECB will arrive the following day. Investors make various estimates on the size of the adjustments, some more pessimistic, some more optimistic. In the meantime, the debate on the arms to be sent to Ukraine continues on the Old Continent. According to Bloomberg tomorrow Germany and Poland will give the go-ahead to send Leopard tanks.

For Federico Vetrella, market strategist of Ig Italia, the economic prospects in Europe are better than expected, thanks to the calming of oil and gas prices, but “inflationary pressures continue to be too high, a factor that will affect the maintenance of its monetary tightening of the ECB in the coming months”. Today then the price of oil is falling again, with Brent and Wti losing about 1.5%. Gas, on the other hand, continues to be below 60 euros per megawatt hour at the TTF in Amsterdam.

In Milan, the Ftse Mib gains 0.24% and closes at 25,884.31. The spread between BTPs and German Bunds is down, around 180 basis points. The yield on the 10-year bond also decreased, around 3.95%. Enel performed well on the main price list in Piazza Affari (+0.55%). From the communications released by Consob we learn that BlackRock has limited the stake held in the company’s capital to 4.91%. Most of the banks also rose, starting with Unicredit (+1.50%) and Intesa Sanpaolo (+2.05%).

Then, Eni and Saipem followed, losing 1.53% and 3.35% respectively. Tenaris is also bad (-1.26%). Thus, oil companies are feeling the negative turn of crude oil on international markets. (in collaboration with Money.it)