Piazza San Carlo, condemnation sought on appeal for the former mayor Appendino

The Attorney General proposed a sentence of 18 months’ imprisonment. The former mayor of Turin must answer for what happened on the evening of 3 June 2017, when the panic in the crowd following the Champions League final between Juventus and Real Madrid on a giant screen caused over 1,500 injuries and later the deaths of two women

Confirmation of Chiara Appendino’s 18-month prison sentence was requested by the Public Prosecutor’s Office during the appeal process underway in Turin for the events in Piazza San Carlo. The parliamentarian of the 5 Star Movement is called into question for her role as former mayor of the Piedmontese capital for what happened on the evening of 3 June 2017, when a series of waves of panic among the crowd present in the square to follow the Champions League final on a big screen League resulted in more than 1,500 injuries and later the deaths of two women. The same penalty was proposed for the then head of cabinet Paolo Giordana. The indictment by the Attorney General, Carlo Maria Pellicano, is still ongoing and concerns the other defendants in the trial.

For the former commissioner Sanna asked for the sentence to be reduced

For the former commissioner Angelo Sanna, who made spontaneous declarations this morning, a reduction of the sentence (18 months) decided in the first instance was proposed; for Maurizio Montagnese, manager of the Turismo Torino agency, to which the City entrusted the care of the event, the magistrate asked the court to evaluate whether it is appropriate to proceed with a reduction. Pg Pellicano recalled that what triggered panic in the crowd – and who was following the match between Juventus and Real Madrid – was “the wicked action of a gang of criminals” (a group of young people already definitively sentenced) who for the purpose of robbery they scattered pepper spray. “Their conduct – he added however – revealed the shortcomings” in the organization and management of the evening. The magistrate spoke of “haste”, “neglect”, “superficiality”, of an “almost non-existent budget”.

The Attorney General: “Appendino was responsible for safety”

According to the reconstruction provided today by the prosecutor, it was Appendino, together with Giordana, who decided, at the suggestion of Juventus, to host the demonstration in Piazza San Carlo: “But Juventus – he said – had pointed out that for a similar initiative by 2015 there had been two giant screens, while on this occasion only one was found.Until May 26 (eight days before – ed) it was not even known who would be the organizer, but on May 28, on Facebook, the mayor wrote that so many people had been working on it for weeks.” Again according to the prosecutor, Appendino was specifically responsible for safety but “he entrusted Giordana with a legally non-existent and irrelevant blank proxy”, only to then compose with him “a single voice, a diarchy”.