Piccinini: “Italvolley was amazing, it moved me ‘

“They were amazing, fantastic, from De Giorgi to all the guys who showed the group in this World Cup, they were united, you could see the smiles. They made me really excited. you can and I have seen those girls of 2002 a little. The girls have not won the World Cup for 20 years and the wish is to do an encore like at the European Championship. I will comment on the tournament for Sky, I can’t wait and the girls are charged up. After the exciting matches that the Azzurri have played, they will have even more desire to take the field and do this magical feat. ” Francesca Piccinini, Italian volleyball player who was world champion in 2002 with Italy for women, comments on the success of Italian volleyball for men at the World Cup after 24 years to Adnkronos. In a few days it will be the turn of the girls who are already European champions. The 2022 Women’s Volleyball World Cup will take place from 23 September to 15 October 2022 in the Netherlands, and in Poland.

“Nobody expected this feat, then many of these guys don’t even play in the Italian championship and it’s crazy. The young people are there, they have a lot of desire and they have shown it during this world championship”, continued the blue champion who focuses attention on figure of the coach Ferdinando De Giorgi. “I know Fefè, as a player and now as a coach. He believed so much in them and tried to give him security and awareness match by match. You could see that they have built a close-knit group, they have always helped each other with each other. other, even when they were down in the score. The figure of the coach had a big impact on giving this confidence. Giannelli Mvp? He was the beacon of this team, congratulations to him and to everyone “.