Pichetto Fratin: “We aim to have a hundred managers”

“We have a water system that is made up of nearly 2,400 managers, many still in economy. The path started is that of the territorial areas to arrive at having a hundred managers who have the robustness to plan and make investments and create an aqueduct system that does not have 40% of losses “. So the Minister of the Environment and Energy Security Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, in his speech at the ‘Water = Development’ event, organized by Acea and Il Tempo at Palazzo Wedekind, in Rome.

“For bills, we are making assessments these days with respect to the trend in anchor prices, which are those of supplies, gas in particular. There are also a number of simulations involving possible social interventions; we await the drop point mainly in the aspect of the ministry of economy, because it is a matter of budgetary capacity”. Said the Minister of the Environment. As for fuels, “the same reasoning applies, the price per barrel has risen considerably, therefore it will be necessary to evaluate the effects of the price per barrel”. Any supports “are an assessment to be made this month”.

On the stop to Euro 5 vehicles in Piedmont from 15 September “I am ready with a decree that I will bring to the Council of Ministers tomorrow. The decree provides for a series of actions to block the actions of the regional resolution and a resumption of the 2017 agreements, with a verification the state of implementation and the time schedule of the new interventions starting from 2024”, explained the minister.